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Pack in the Running since 1994.

Winhotel is owned by four partners with a long running in the Hospitality Industry. Back in 1994, Toni and Jaume joined together to plant the seed of one of the most important Hotel Software Companies in Spain.


"In 1994, I found a terrifying black hole in the Hotel Industry. One day, I woke up with a vision: Make my own PMS. After months of developing my own piece of Software, the dream came truth".

Bit by bit, Toni hand-coded a PMS Solution using old-school programming techniques that many probably didn't know exist at that time. Meanwhile, Jaume was building up the future of the company from ground zero.


"All I tried to do was get Toni's vision out to as many Hoteliers as possible.".

In the next 3 years, the duo worked together and ran the business with the solely idea of flooding the entire island of Majorca with a piece of software that required a handful of dozens floppy disks for it installation. At the end of 1997, Winhotel PMS was a colossal smash-hit which prompted Toni and Jaume start searching for talented programmers who wanted to enroll the company in one of the fastest growing scenario in Software History. In 1998, a young hairy man jumped the fence enrolling in his lifetime job. No matter what field Joaquín worked in, his contribution was synonymous of success: Building libraries, developing Processes, hand-coding stuff etc.

Product Dev Director

"At that time Winhotel was a serious endeavor only for action-oriented individuals with business in mind".

Another young talent acquisition joined the pack when Bill Gates released Windows 98. Javier contributed to the rapid business expansion with pure enthusiasm and Hotel expertise establishing the foundation of the current Consulting Department.

Operation Manager

"I used to spend long time investigating the Hotel Software Business in general. My main goal was getting new advanced solutions for succeeding in a fast-growing Tech Arena".

During the last years, The four partners have taken significant steps to innovate constantly, and staying relevant by always moving and adapting the PMS and the rest of the Products to Customer and Market needs. Thanks to a favorable business climate, Winhotel has go global opening offices in Mexico, Chile and Morroco (AKMS Tech).

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