Hotels by-the-hour, a trend to stay

The hospitality industry is constantly receiving pressure from users to adapt to new trends, undergo modifications and modernization of hotel facilities and keep up with the needs of new tourists. To maximize occupancy and pull in more money most hotels need to change their business model or, at least, improve it by partnering with different online platforms and apps. Last week we told you about Worktel, a new app that allows users to book spaces inside hotels for as long as they need, thus making the most out of underused facilities. For different reasons, the daycation’ (day + vacation) is a big trend today and there are more and more apps launched for one-day travelers. The platform we’re telling you about today is similar to Worktel but addressed to a more general public. post-hotelhoras It’s the solution for many people who want to live new experiences or just relax. The platform enables group bookings and customers can use the hotel facilities for the day. This is a way for the hotel to use spaces that otherwise would be empty such as the swimming-pool, the gym, the spa… Travelers can enjoy the services offered by a hotel for a maximum period of 12 day hours, no matter if they are families, friends who just want to catch up and go on a one-day trip or business travelers who want to relax and unwind for a few hours. When we think about rooms booked for the day, we can’t help thinking about the famous ‘discreet encounters from 5 to 7’ but this platform goes beyond that, allowing hoteliers occupy as many rooms as possible thanks to micro-stays. started in France in 2010 and landed in Spain in 2015 as part of their carefully planned expansion. So far, thousands of hotels around Europe are on Dayuse. This platform charges partnering hotels 15 to 20 percent of the booking price and they help hotels get, on average, 16,000 bookings per month. This is our third post about this type of business and, if you search the Internet, there are thousands of entries, which is a clear sign that this ‘trend’ is here to stay. We know that the idea behind these platforms and apps is far from new but, today, technology makes communication with clients flow, which translates into great opportunities for hotels to adapt to their needs. For further reading about hotel bookings by the hour, please have a look at these two posts.