Hotels and Technology: new experiences together

It’s not the first time we talk about Broomx (Best Room Experiences) a technology company based in Catalonia that applies many of their solutions to the hospitality business. More than one year ago, when the first intelligent hotel room was opened in the  Eurostars Barcelona Design, we wrote a post about third-generation hotels and the incredible work that Broomx Technologies and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero were doing. Since last month, Broomx, in partnership -again- with the ITH has launched a new product: the improved version of the intelligent room we’ve just mentioned. Its name is MadKameleon Player 360 (MK Player360) and we could see it in Las Vegas, at the HD EXPO 2016. It’s a compact device -halfway between a player and a projector- that enables clients to live immersive experiences by recreating awesome settings. post-madkameleon At the fair, their booth was decorated as a hotel room to show the different immersive experiences they have developed so far, which are coordinated thanks to a Movement Bed. There are all kinds of sensorial experiences, such as a 360º boat trip along the coast of Barcelona. Thanks to this solution, users will be able to transform a space -in this case, a hotel room-, get personalized information and, at the same time, personalize each experience. According to Broomx, “Among other things, MK Player360 has an online management system that enables customers to add new contents on the go. This way, guest experience can be shaped to evoke the best moments lived during their stay.” One of its biggest advantages is that it doesn’t require the use of virtual reality goggles. The product combines projection, electronics and the latest software with 360º audiovisual production, resulting in a complete transformation of any room in real time.

Why is Broomx oriented towards the hospitality business?

The strong alliance between Broomx and the ITH has made it possible for this company to be closer to the hospitality sector. They have participated in several projects together, forming an interesting alliance between hotels and technology. We have written a lot about the need for innovation in the hospitality industry and this fusion is a good example. Technology offers endless possibilities and resources our industry can benefit from. MK Player360 is a good example of versatility: it can also be used in museums, theme parks, airport lounges or hospitals. There’s something we know for sure: it started in a hotel room in Las Vegas.