Hotels that host art

Some weeks ago, we wrote a post about the opening of the Joan Miró Hotel and Museum where we told you about the -often intimate- relationship between the world of fine arts and the world of hospitality. This kind of fusion is very trendy in our industry, as we can see by just having a look on the Internet. has selected the 10 best-rated art hotels according to guests. What do they have in common?
  1. They are Golden Award winners, according to the Loved by Guests list.
  2. They are five star hotels.
  3. They are luxury hotels.
  4. They have been rated at least 4.7/5 by guests.
  5. They are active in at least one social networking site, most of them on Twitter.
post-hotelesarte-en Let’s have a look at this selection:

The Surrey (New York)@SurreyHotelNYC

Guests who have stayed at The Surrey have rated it 4.7/5. As they write on opinion websites, it is like staying in an art dealer’s home, with an amazing art gallery whose main piece is a gigantic tapestry by Chuck Close with the portrait of Kate Moss. The hotel is decorated in art-déco style mixed with 90s decorations and interior design and exhibits pieces by well-known artists as Jenny Holzer, Cecily Brown or Richard Serra. All of their pieces are displayed at the permanent exhibition so that guests can enjoy them whenever they want.

As to prices, rooms are available from €480 per room and per night. They have recently been awarded the golden Loved by Guests by

The First Luxury Art Hotel (Rome)@thefirsthotel

This hotel can be easily mistaken for a contemporary Italian art gallery. Each room looks like a private gallery, with permanent and temporary exhibitions.

As an added value, they have their own art expert who provides all the information guests may want to know about the featured paintings, some of which can also be purchased. The average price is €342 per room and per night.

Hotel Éclat (Beijing)@eclat_beijing

This hotel hosts the biggest private collection of works by the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí in China. Both the rooms and common areas display works by Andy Warhol, Pierre Matter, Zhang Guolang, Chen Wen Ling, Gao Xiao Wu and Zou Liang. You can enjoy your stay at this hotel from €258 per room and per night.

The Art (Denver)@DenverArtHotel

The Art combines contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology. It hosts two art galleries full of amazing works of art on top of the ones guests can enjoy in rooms and common areas. A light installation with more than 22,000 light bulbs is the crown jewel.

The Fire restaurant displays original decorations, such as gigantic lamps and kinetic sculptures representing burning flames. Rooms can be booked from €198 per night.

21c Museum Hotel (Louisville)@21cLouisville

The 21c Museum Hotel is possibly one of the most original fusions between art and tourism. To begin with, the building consists of repurposed 19th century tobacco and bourbon warehouses and it has different themed rooms. The Asleep in the Cyclone, on the lower ground floor, has been built using different woods and exclusive fabrics. This suite also features a vaulted sculpture installation, as you can see if you click on this link.

This hotel and museum pays tribute to living artists from all over the world, featuring interesting and funny pieces. The price starts at €198 per room and per night.

South Place Hotel (London)@southplacehotel

It’s one of the most elegant hotels in London, featuring 80 rooms, each of which is decorated with modern art by London artists. Some of the hotel areas, as the lobby or the restaurant, display important avant-garde art. The hotel celebrates a competition every year for recent graduates from the London School of Art whose winner is given the opportunity to display his/her work in the hotel. Those seeking to stay there can do it from €226 per room and per night.

Andaz Masterdam Prinsengracht (Amsterdam)@AndazAMS

An old building that hitherto hosted Amsterdam’s main public library is now home to a themed hotel inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Guests staying at this hotel will find constant references to the novel as well as an amazing collection of video installations. Rooms can be booked from €338 per night.

New Art Hotel (Athens)

This hotel is notable for its eco-friendly philosophy, which is easily noticeable everywhere in the hotel, from the building techniques to the fact that they have tried to recycle all the materials from the former building. The hotel’s designers asked local students of architecture for advice so that the new building would blend with the surroundings. It features works from contemporary artists who have managed to echo the essence of Athens.

This hotel is not active on Twitter but you can find them on Facebook. Rooms are available from €163 per room and per night.

Palace Hotel (Tokyo)

The owners of this hotel love art and the building itself is a gem. It offers an art package for guests, including private art tours around the city. Nevertheless, guests don’t need to get out of the hotel to enjoy the best Japanese fine arts. Both the rooms and common areas are crowded with them.

When they get into their rooms, guests will find “The Art of the Palace Hotel”, written by the hotel owners. This is one of the reasons why this is one of the most expensive hotels in our list: €484 per room and per night.

Le palais Art Hotel (Prague)

A palace built in 1897, one of the best examples of the Belle Époque architecture to be found in the Czech Republic hides a hotel decorated with majestic paintings by contemporary Czech artists. There are regular contemporary art exhibits in the lobby.

The price per night and per room is €223. This hotel is not on Twitter but it is on Facebook.

These are best art hotels. As we can see, there are no Spanish hotels so far but there are good art hotels in Spain and it would be an interesting idea to write a post about them. We take note!