Five actions, thousands of benefits for your hotel

Today we are going to list five easy actions related to technology that will contribute to improving hotel processes. We have already mentioned some of them on previous posts but we will put them together. post-mejorashotel

Free Wi-Fi

Itís not the first time we write about this. In†this post†we highlighted the importance of having Wi-Fi available to guests and, in this one, we discussed about whether to offer this service for free or not. One thing is clear, free Wi-Fi is essential today and we think guests shouldnít pay for it.

Hotels donít have to pay a fortune to offer this service if compared to all the advantages it may bring. Anyone staying in a hotel takes for granted that the hotel actually has an Internet connection that can be used by anyone. If the hotel does it for free, guests can provide useful information through different apps and the hotel may even get free recommendations and positive comments on social networks.

Social networks: communication and reputation

Social networking sites can contribute a lot to a hotelís reputation. Itís important to mention that not all social networks are useful to meet all needs hoteliers may have, as we made clear in our post entitled "One social networking site, one objective".

In any case, they are all useful when itís about bidirectional communication, as they have the mechanisms necessary to do so. This is one of the most important characteristics of social sites.

As a company, itís essential to get as much feedback as possible from clients and always be aware of what is being said about the company. In a word, companies must measure their online reputation.

As guests, it may be useful to communicate directly with the company responsible of organizing our holidays. After all, when we travel, we trust unknown people who represent a company. The more transparent and willing to meet our needs, the most reliable it will be. Social networking sites enable companies -hotels in this case- to show what they can offer.

Targeted campaigns: segmentation

Apart from engaging in public conversations with customers, hotels can communicate with them through personalized marketing campaigns. We mentioned this possibility in†a previous post and we have also shown you how to create marketing campaigns using Mailchimp.

Nobody likes to receive canned e-mails trying to sell anything to anyone. Tools such as Mailchimp make it possible to launch segmented and personalized campaigns, thus being accurate with the information provided.

Flexible PMS: integrated management

Itís very important to have a flexible management tool that really adapts to the needs of each hotel. This tool should be easily integrated with other solutions to meet both general and specific needs.

Winhotel PMS has integrations for seven different areas: Payment, Documents, Access-Presence Control System, Billing, Clients, E-Commerce and Pay-per-Consume. If you click on†this link, you will find a brief description of the areas we think are essential to successful hotel management.

A New Approach to Customer Loyalty

We have written a lot about loyalty programs in the hospitality industry. The first time we talked about loyalty, we analyzed hoteliersí obsession to get repeat guests. At the time, the idea behind any loyalty program was to make clients go back to the same hotel once and again.

Today, loyalty is understood in completely different terms. The main goal is not to get repeat customers but to make guests recommend our hotel and make the information go as far as possible. In this post we published some months ago, we explained everything about this approach to customer loyalty.

The objective of this post was to show you that, thanks to the world of possibilities offered by technology, we can actually improve our business. They are little, easy actions that, eventually, can change your results. Itís worth trying!