How can technology improve guest experience?

You know that we love to write about guest experience and we always try to provide some little advice on how to make the most of new technologies to help hoteliers. Obviously, technology plays an essential role in our industry and it can contribute a lot to the tourism business. Today, we’d like to tell you about Guestperience. It’s an application with many functionalities aimed at improving interaction between guests and hotels. post-guestperience It has been designed to meet the needs of millennial guests, who love technology and they are constantly connected. According to the report Hotels 2020: Welcoming tomorrow’s guest (in Spanish), millennials’ expenditure in hotels will be higher than baby boomers’ by 2017. And the industry will have to invest more money and offer personalized services if they really want to meet the needs of these high demanding guests. One of the best ways to do it is through apps, very much loved by millennials. Guestperience is a showcase where products and services are displayed for guests to hire them. It enables millennial guests to access all the services offered by hotels in just a few clicks.

What are the advantages of Guestperience?

New sales opportunities for hotels

First, it’s easier for hotels to sell products and services and make customers splurge inside the hotel. Instead of sending them outside for dinner, shopping, etc., hotels can redirect their expenses, thus generating more revenue. According to recent research studies, revenue coming from the use of new technologies can come up to 40% per occupied room.

Improvement of guest experience and satisfaction 

If hotels make it faster and easier for guests to access the different services available, they will appreciate it. It will translate into a well-rounded experience and high satisfaction levels. For example, guests can:

Pick out a room after they’ve had a look at high-resolution images and detailed descriptions.

Hire the hotel’s services, whenever and wherever they are.

Get information about scheduled events during their stay.

Read reviews and recommendations about restaurants, leisure and shopping: information and reviews of restaurants, bars, museums, concerts, shopping centers, etc.

Find the way to the hotel thanks to GPS services.

The hotel will also get useful information about guests thanks to real-time analytics. Once the hotel gets to know their real likes and preferences and design personalized offers and promotions.

Savings on management costs

Thanks to the possibility of hiring services through the app, the hotel will save a lot of money on management costs. Guests can place and track their orders using their mobile phones without having to turn to the hotel staff.

Higher interaction with guests

Obviously, a hotel can welcome guests coming from different places of the world, so Guestperience is available in different languages to ensure the flow of communication between the hotel and guests. These applications are perfect for direct and spontaneous communication.

If we had to summarize the advantages of this app, we’d highlight the improvement of guest experience. On the one hand, the hotel can address guests in a personalized manner, since they have all the information necessary to do so. Guests can access and ask for information at any time. This app can be integrated with PMS, CRM and POS and, as we have mentioned, it can be adapted to many different languages, no matter whether it is an iOS or an Android device. We’d like to add that Guestperience is a Spanish startup supported by the Emprendetur program, a program implemented by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to help with the internationalization process of Spanish tourism companies. Today we have used Guestperience to illustrate -again- how mobile apps can open up a world of possibilities in the tourism sector.