What is the behavior of millennial guests?

We’ve heard a lot about millennials but the truth is that we need to know more about their habits and behavior. There’s a research study, recently published in Oracle Hospitality, whose title is ‘Millennials and Hospitality’ that explains the relationship between millennials and technology and gives some tips on how hotels can adapt their services to their needs. 9,000 millennials from 8 countries participated in this study to show how they use technology in hotels and how they would like to do it. The infographic below shows the results of this research and then you will find some data and tips for hotels. millennials-en

How do millennials use technology when they stay in a hotel?

We are going to divide this post into five different parts according to the most common questions: who, what, where, when, how and why.


This research is focused on people aged 18 to 35, the so-called ‘Millennial Generation’. On the one hand, the study mentions millennial tourists and, on the other, millennials working in the hospitality sector. 36% of millennial employees said that their employers made bad use of technology. On top of that, only 15% said that employers welcomed feedback from staff on the use of technology inside the hotel.


This research mainly focuses on technology, the hospitality business and millennials, as it analyzes how millennials engage with hotels through technology.


This is a simple question. The scenario is the hotel and it’s important to keep in mind that the research has been carried out in the USA.


In 2015 as opposed to the data gathered during previous years to show a rising tendency in the use of smartphones.


So far, mobile devices are the most common way millennials use to communicate, followed by laptops, PCs and tablets. In fact, if we focus on how millennials use technology inside the hotel, this research shows that:
  • 56% access the hotel’s website from their smartphone
  • 46% book the hotel from their smartphone
  • 82% connect to the Internet using the hotel’s Wi-Fi
  • 20% check in from their smartphone
  • 55% try to connect their smartphone to the hotel’s TV to watch content of their own
  • 35% are willing to pay to access their own content or the content provided by the hotel
  • 13% have used a hotel app and 12% of them have done it to request something from the room service


There are several reasons to focus on this market niche.
  1. Millennials purchase power equals to $200,000 million.
  2. According to TripAdvisor, American millennials spent, on average, $3,900 on travel, an increase of 40% on the year before.
  3. Millennials are more numerous than other generations, representing an important target market for the hospitality business. They are 83 million in the US, whereas the ‘X Generation’ (people aged 35 to 50) are 66 million and baby boomers (aged 51 to 69), 75 million.
All in all, the hospitality sector must take good care of these clients and improve their technology. There is a clear tendency to use smartphones more and more and hotels must try to meet the expectations of millennial guests. It’s very important to know more about their behavior; find out why they do what they do to better adapt to their needs.