Technology and innovation in the hospitality industry II

Last week, we were having a look at some hotels that have implemented important technological innovations. Today, we’d like to complete that list by adding five more hotels that keep up with technology. header-tecnologia2 We hope you find them as interesting as the ones we listed last week. Hotel 1000: @HOTEL1000 Hotel 1000, in Seattle, USA, offers business people the facilities and commodities they need to work in a comfortable and cozy space. They have telephones with two VoIP lines and wireless headphones that guests can use to make international calls at no cost. On top of that, the rooms have a modern system of passive infrared sensors. Thanks to body heat, the cleaning and maintenance employees know whether there is someone inside the room so that guests are not disturbed. Guests can also enjoy an indoor golf simulator to help them relax and unwind. Eccleston Square: @ESquareHotel The Eccleston Square Hotel in London can be considered a perfect fusion between the modern and the traditional, being elegant and sober outside and futuristic inside. Guests can enjoy state-of-the-art technology in every single room:
  • Massage beds
  • Flatscreen bathroom TV concealed in the anti-fog mirror
  • Personal in-room iPad 2 connected to the Internet
  • 46’’ Full HD 3D Neo Plasma Panasonic TV
  • Smart-glass shower walls that turn from clear to frosted at a click
Guests can also turn on and off different sets of lights and images to ensure a deep, restful sleep. Pod Hotel: @thepodhotel The Pod Hotel is a boutique hotel in New York that has embraced the social networks revolution. They have their own Pod Community Blog, where guests participate and engage in conversations about the hotel and its surroundings, or any other subjects of their interest. Guests who stay in this hotel enjoy Wi-Fi access and iPod stations in every room - it couldn’t be otherwise! Nine Zero Hotel: @Kimpton This hotel belongs to the award-winning Kimpton hotels and restaurants. The Nine Zero Hotel is in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a luxury and expensive hotel with the latest technology. We can’t go without mentioning its system to get into the main suite, the Cloud Nine Suite, through a retinal scan. Yotel New York: @YotelHQ Yotel New York, next to Times Square, could be a sci-fi hotel as they have a robot that takes care of the guests’ luggage and automatically stores their suitcases in the lockers. Actually, it’s a robotic arm -commonly used in assembly lines- which has been modified to meet the hotel’s needs. They are thinking of taking guests’ luggage to the airport through subway tunnels. Besides, guests can check-in using the screens located in the hall. Just as we do at the airport. These five examples are meant to complete last week’s post. The hotel industry is on the right track; they are looking to symbiosis in an effort to adapt to rapidly changing times and guests’ needs. Technological change creates new and interesting synergies that help hotels to differentiate and offer unique products.