Technology and innovation in the hospitality industry

Technology is becoming more and more important in our business area. Last week, Hotelinking founders taught us a lot about technology tools for hotel marketing. post-tecnologia Today, we will see how hotels embrace technology to improve their services and products so that guest stay results in a perfect experience. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza:†@HRHIbiza The world-famous restaurant company has recently opened its first hotel in Europe, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. As usual, they display items that belonged to different rock stars around the hotel. As an added value, they have implemented wearable technology. Guests receive a VIB†(Very Important Bracelet) when they check in and they will use it to open the door to their room, pay in the hotel, have access to different hotel areas and manage express check out. NH Collection Eurobuilding:†@NHCollectionEB This hotel, located in Madrid has the biggest curved LED screen in the world -300 sq. m. As a differentiating element, the hotel has a technology lab in four of their rooms where guests can find out more about the latest technology applied to the hospitality industry, such as 3D holographic technology or SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync Online, a new-generation of videoconference systems that guarantee productive meetings and great impact events. Peninsula Hotel:†@PNTokyo This Tokyo hotel belongs to a renowned luxury hotel chain and, among them, the Peninsula is the most technologically advanced. Technology contributes to the management of almost everything in the hotel, from first-class accommodation to different services for guests to spoil themselves:
  • When guests arrive at the hotel, they can tell their relatives that everything went OK. The telephone automatically displays the local time in the other side so that guests know immediately the time zone difference.
  • Some of the rooms have anti-fog TV screens for the bathroom.
  • There are remotes in every room to adjust humidity, TV and light.
  • There is a sophisticated Lavazza coffee machine behind the cupboard door so that guests can enjoy their first morning coffee in their own room.
  • When the phone rings, both the radio and the TV go silent automatically. If it rings at night, the answer button shines in darkness. On top of that, the telephone in the bathroom has a digital filter to avoid echo.
  • If guests want to make a Skype call, they donít need to turn their laptop on. They just have to click on the Skype button on the phone.
  • When the spa mode is activated in the bathtub, the lights go dim and a soft, relaxing music starts to play.
Aloft Cupertino:†@AloftHotels Itís not the first time we mention this hotel located in California in our blog. We simply love ALO Botlr, the robot steward and janitor. ALO Botlr provides the amenities for guest rooms. The only tips accepted by ALO Botlr must go with a tweet with the hashtag #meetbotlr, which guests can write and share using the touch screen that ALO Botlr has. Rooms are equipped with Apple screens and there are technology decorations all over the hotel. Kube hotel:†@Kube_Paris At the†Kube†in Paris, they have decided to invest on biometrics. Guests have to use their fingerprint to get into their rooms, thus avoiding the need for keys or magnetic cards. According to Hosteltur, there are two other hotels where this system is being used:
  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, where guests introduce their personal data and their fingerprints when they check in. This will grant them access to all of the hotel services.
  • Nine Zero Hotel, Boston.†Guests have to put their eyes in front of an eye-recognition system if they want to enter the master suite.
This is our list of the most tech-friendly hotels. We will look for more examples to complete this list and show the advantages of technology in the hospitality business.