Flaimitudemun. Sharing experiences

Emotions provide the energy that drives the tourism sector and, more particularly, the hospitality sector. It’s not the first time we mention that one of the responsibilities of those who work in the tourism sector is to manage people’s leisure time and, to do so, they must have a heart; they must have emotions. Tourists who stay in our hotels feel emotions too, and these may be provoked by many things during their stay. Our job is to attract tourists, meet their needs and, finally, “collect”, analyze and interpret their feelings and emotions. The chain Accor hotels -which includes Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and Ibis- has created a community, Flaimitudemun. Under the slogan “Little details, great moments”, this community shares the experiences that guests can live in different destinations. The experiences are unique for each destination and there are different categories involved: gastronomy, culture, adventure, lifestyle, fashion, arts, sports, etc. post-flaimitudemun One of the objectives of this project is to provide extra value to guests through the emotions that the destination generates in other tourists. It’s about digitalizing the popular word-of-mouth as, after all, it’s better to read the reports of others who have just been there than a catalogue with the characteristics of a given destination. So far, they have gathered about twenty experiences in different destinations, both in Spain and abroad. Most of the content has been generated by the people working in the different hotels, local people who know perfectly well the best spots of their city or town. The idea is that, little by little, journalists, bloggers and influencers join the platform so that it contains more information and becomes more solid. Travelers can also upload their own reports and enjoy the flaimi experience. Ávila, who has started this project, insists that service providers will not participate in this project, since they don’t want to break up the altruistic relationship they have with these companies, and this is something the team behind this project is proud of. According to Ávila, ‘it is a very powerful concept and it will determine the way we communicate and create content. We try to inspire, make dream, move and provide travelers with extra value.’ This is another good idea to promote a destination using high-quality content and engaging guests in a connected community. The fact that the platform invites different people to participate makes it an enriching and well-rounded experience. We will have a look at their website to read the latest experiences and see new profiles. We find it interesting that this idea comes from a hotel chain. Without a doubt, it’s a differentiating element and we believe that the youngest generations will take it gladly. As couldn’t be otherwise, you can find the flaimi experience on TwitterInstagramPinterest and Google+.