Are you boring or engaging?

Not long ago we came across, a platform created by a startup based in Córdoba (Spain) that contributes to the democratization of social and interactive content. We decided to give it a go and we like its philosophy; it helps to make difficult things look simple. Today, we are going to tell you about our first impression when we used Their slogan claims that “you don’t have to be a genius to do great things” and they offer endless possibilities for anyone to generate content. provides users with solutions to create interactive content: from presentations, surveys or infographics to microsites, maps, magazines, etc. post-genially-en They want to make it easier for creative people to shape their ideas. Sometimes, content managers are held back because they don’t master the use of design tools or they don’t know anything about programming. This solution offers different functionalities in a single tool and, this way, users can enjoy the advantages of a virtual programmer. From now on, content generators in a company won’t need to bother programmers with their issues and they will be able to focus on their specific tasks. It’s so easy to share the content generated by on social networks that virtually anything can go viral. There are over 100,000 users in 150 countries. How can it help the tourism and hospitality industry? As we always say, our industry manages people’s free time and it needs to invest on tools that attract tourists to a given destination. Social networks are one of the most effective ways to make potential tourists see what a destination can offer. It’s not about sharing no matter what and no matter how on social networks but about sharing useful, attractive and high-quality content. Attractive but useless content will only make us lose our potential customers and disappoint them. In the same way, useful but unattractive content will go unread and it will be worth nothing. In addition, as we have mentioned a few times before, the characteristics of the tourism product are very different from other products, being “simultaneity of production and use” its most outstanding characteristic. Other products are produced and then purchased and used but tourism products are first purchased and, then, they are produced and used at the same time. Therefore, the tourism product can’t be independent from its providers. The product is not brought to buyers; buyers go where the product is. Therefore, the tourism product should have specific marketing techniques, and it involves paying attention to both the content that potential customers will read and to the human component once tourists have reached our destination. It’s not always easy to sing the praises of hospitality products and services, specially taking into account that users won’t be able to try them until they have reached their destination -and paid for it- and, in that moment, the product may not be returned. This is how the production of services works, so tourism promoters will have to generate the best content possible and convince readers to choose their destination -and their hotel- over one thousand options. This is where tools such as come into play. They are really helpful for content managers to generate interactive content and share it online, make it viral and analyze the outcome of these actions, as this tool is integrated with Google Analytics. We have created an infographic explaining how to get started with We hope you find it useful… and attractive!