Stay App. Improving communication between guests and the hotel staff

Hotels must have as much information as possible about their guests to really meet their needs. The same applies when it’s about getting new customers: information is essential to launch effective campaigns and attract them. This is why communication between hotels and their customers is so important. Imagine that, during their stay, guests can communicate directly with the hotel staff. This is one of the advantages of Stay App, an application that enables direct communication between guests and a hotel’s employees. post-chat-staff We all use instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp, QQMobile, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Google Talk every day, so the company Stay decided that it would make sense to have a similar application to communicate inside the hotel’s facilities. A pilot project conducted by the Stay team analyzed guests’ behavior while they were using this app and the advantages it had for them. Here are some of their opinions, from the Stay blog:
  • It’s a means of communication that guests use in their everyday life.
  • Obviously, guests are bothered if they have to make a phone call or go to the front desk whenever they want to ask something. Nowadays, chatting has become so natural that guests end up using the chat for virtually everything: check timetables, find a restaurant, ask for breakfast to be served in their room… It’s convenient and it makes the stay more comfortable.
  • Research shows that guests appreciate it when there’s someone available 24/7; it creates a nice customer experience, a feeling of familiarity and security, a personalized service. It goes without saying that guests appreciate it when employees answer their messages immediately and the answers are not automated.
  • If hotels learn how to make the most of this tool and avoid the so-called “spam actions”, they can take advantage of this means of communication to meet guests’ needs and, maybe, go beyond their expectations. Stay claims that, if this chat is used to make transactions, the hotel can even generate further bookings and requests, which will translate into higher revenue.
These are the main advantages of Stay App. Chatting is one of the most natural ways to communicate nowadays and -as this pilot project proves- clients find the App really useful. The Stay team will improve it so that more and more people use it in the near future. We can confirm that instant messaging is so common in our daily life that hotel guests will easily get used to it.