The website of the hotel.

The website of the hotel is becoming one of the distribution channels that generates more revenue. The number of bookings that have been generated directly on the hotels website has grown not only on the part of tourists, but also on the part of business travelers. It is for this reason that many hoteliers have set themselves the goal of increasing the number of direct sales reservations on the hotel's website. Being objective, if you want to get potential customers to make your reservation on the website of the establishment, the page must meet certain requirements. The image that transmits the website of the hotel to visitors may generate desire or inability to reserve. That's why this week we want to talk about the hotel's website. Many hotels are clear that they want to increase direct sales but have not dedicated all the time or resources necessary to achieve that goal. Most hotels do not have their web optimized and in most cases everything is due to bad design. It must be clear that having a good design on the website of the hotel is the most important thing to increase the direct reservations you want to get. It does not matter if we have a hostel or a hotel chain, the image of the website is very important to capture customer traffic. As they say that the secret of life lies in sharing, we are going to give you some clues to ensure that the hotel website triumphs and thus achieve the goal of increasing direct bookings of the hotel's own website.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, that is why the images on the main page should have a great role. It is recommended that they be large and quality images. That the best images of the establishment stand out.
  • Introduce pop-up windows when a client accesses the web page to communicate that it is on the official website of the hotel and highlight the advantages of booking directly whether it is a discount, a welcome detail, the best rate, late check-out, etc. This tool allows the client to be encouraged to book directly on the web and thus avoid commissioning the portals.
  • Do not use the text on the web to describe what is already obvious. Use texts that can reach visitors, you should try to appeal to emotions, get the potential customer perceive what are the benefits of staying at your hotel.
  • Create an intuitive page, potential customers should not have any difficulty to reach all the information they may need. It should be easy to see the availability and book rooms, find the location, the services offered, among other things.
  • The rooms are the most important in a hotel. Dedicate space to the rooms on the web. Teach the visitor of the web all the available options, it is much more likely that you book on the web if you know exactly what you will find on arrival at the hotel.
There is nothing impossible. If you want to achieve the objectives you have to work for it and with these tips we hope to help you achieve it.